Jeans & Tee

Hi guys,

Sorry it’s been literally months since my last post, but here you go!

Recently, I have decided that I wish to wear just jeans and t-shirts from now on. Spurred on by this decision, I have decided to tell you all a bit about my ‘Jeans & Tee‘ idea.

To begin, jeans. When it comes to jeans, there are so many different options (boyfriend, skinny, etc.), therefore your choice is not limited by the product titled ‘jeans’. Furthermore, when the sun is out, I will happily swap out my blue skinnys for a pair of denim shorts – there is no harm in altering a little to suit the weather!

Now, tees. When I say tees I don’t mean fancy tops with a dozen bells and whistles, I mean plain t-shirts such as your classic crew neck. Obviously I will choose to sport a nice ‘top’ at some point, however, only if the occasion deserves it.

On colder days, nothing but a basic tee simply does not suffice, so I have two plans in place to cope with these weather alterations…

Plan Number One; if the weather is not demanding that everyone digs out their biggest parka, then I will throw of a crew neck sweater – the most obvious substitute.

Plan Number Two; when push comes to shove, there will be rainy days. To deal with these, I plan on adopting a colourful windbreaker (I have already provided myself with a red one and am continuing to search for others) to go over a plain  outfit.

So there it is, my ‘Jeans & Tee‘ idea. ¬† Naturally, many will turn their back on such an idea because it simply is not to their taste, but I think this could be a revelation for me which makes my life that bit easier.

Thanks for the read x